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Our Norwegian Forest Cats

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Norwegian Forest Cats. They are one of the most loving wonderful cats you could ever wish to meet.

I have had them in my life since a round the year 2000. I first got to know them when my Brother and Mother both bought their first NFO’s from a local Breeder, after waiting a year for them to be born.

I love to go to shows when I can get the time off work, but I will only ever take a cat that enjoys going and that means the travelling also.

I’m classed as a Hobby Breeder as that is just what it is! Just a hobby, that I love dearly. I only have one or two litters a year and also only one litter at a time.

I like to think that I breed good type, quality and for good Temperament, but above all else loving cats that will bring joy to the people that they live with.

I hope that you enjoy looking around Normagikatt web site.